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Education, Meet Rewards

PayPerks provides integrated education and rewards solutions to help improve cardholders’ financial literacy and capability.

The PayPerks Solution

PayPerks education and rewards drive real-world behavior change through easy-to-digest, interactive education paired with fun gamification and rewards. We help cardholders learn how to use their cards more effectively, while also offering valuable information on safety and security, budgeting and saving, and other relevant financial skills. Cardholders are rewarded through quizzes, usage rewards, and the chance to win small cash prizes in monthly drawings.


PayPerks History & Impact

PayPerks programs have been used to improve the financial capability of millions of cardholders since 2010. Before PayPerks joined the SMI family in 2021, PayPerks partnered with various national banks, prepaid card issuers, Visa® and Mastercard®, non-profits, multiple states, and the Fiscal Service of the U.S. Treasury to bring education and rewards to federal and state benefit payment cards, payroll cards, EBT cards, and general purpose reloadable cards.

Elizabeth, a PayPerks user

The PayPerks program online is really valuable to me. It’s taught me a lot. And it really has improved my life.

Elizabeth H.
Rosalind, a PayPerks user

PayPerks tutorials have helped me become more effective at managing my money and understanding where it is going.

Rosalind C.
Gary, a PayPerks user

When I first got the card I didn’t know exactly how it would work, and now I do by using the tutorials on PayPerks.

Gary M.

When it comes to engaging cardholders and improving financial capabilities, PayPerks packs a one-two punch.


PayPerks was an integral part of the US Treasury’s Direct Express® card for 8 years. In 2018, cardholders who took all of the PayPerks education spent 27% more of their money at POS and reduced fees by 21%, ensuring more of their money was put to productive use. Cardholders reported an increase in overall satisfaction with their card and a wide range of personal benefits from increased confidence to accumulating significant savings through better budgeting and spend management.

The PayPerks solution won a number of awards, including Paybefore’s “The One to Watch” and “Best Newcomer”, along with widespread industry recognition from The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, The White House, and the CFED.

About PayPerks & SMI

The PayPerks solution was created by a team of entrepreneurs in New York with a desire to leverage technology, visual education, and sweepstakes-based incentives to create a win-win solution for prepaid card issuers to improve the financial literacy and financial capability of their cardholders. The PayPerks platform was acquired by SMI in 2021 — read the press release.

Systems and Methods, Inc. (SMI) builds innovative government disbursement solutions that make it easier for families to access critical funds that help improve the quality of their daily lives. Founded in 1971 in Carrollton, Ga., SMI currently operates comprehensive State Disbursement Units (SDUs) in 17 states and manages the reloadable smiONE Visa® Prepaid Card for 1.9 million cardholders in 12 states and 12 tribes, more than any other provider in the U.S. Learn more about SMI.

To learn more about the smiONE Card with PayPerks, please email or call 800.282.4646.