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The PayPerks mission is help our partners create win-win(-win) outcomes, leveraging education, gamification, and chance-to-win excitement to drive improvements across the value chain.

We started by applying this approach to improving the financial capability (and now, what we call financial health) of millions of low-income Americans, while creating value for the financial institutional partners which serve them. Our flexible platform allows us to deploy custom solutions across a number of industries and use cases.

Who We Are

PayPerks is brought to you by a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, product managers, designers, and data analysts who care about doing meaningful work that makes a positive impact in the world. Our headquarters is in NYC, but we are now a fully remote company, with everyone working from home.

The Power of Education

We believe in the power of education to drive meaningful improvement because at the end of the day, people actually want to learn. When information is presented in a way that is not easy to digest and it is not absorbed, there’s a false assumption that people do not want to learn. The problem is not that people do not have a desire to acquire new knowledge, rather, the problem lies in the way the information is presented.

We have found that when education is presented and incentivized in the right way, people consume and absorb the information, turn that information into knowledge, turn that knowledge into action, whether that's using the products they have better, taking advantage of features, or making better decisions. Being more informed leads to an ability to improve one's life.


PayPerks was founded in 2010 by Arlyn Davich and Jake Peters, two entrepreneurs looking to leverage their skills to make a real difference in the lives of low-income consumers through innovative financial technology. The idea for PayPerks, to create a behavior change platform based on gamified education and sweepstakes-based rewards, was developed by Arlyn during her time at business school. She joined forces with Jake, who became our CTO and Head of Product, and together with an initial angel investment and a first customer, the company was born. You can read more about our history in a paper published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia entitled Driving Positive Behavior Change Through Education and Motivation: Summary of a PayPerks Workshop.

Investors & Advisors

PayPerks is backed by an experienced and talented set of investors and advisors, including our primary investors below along with a diverse set of angel investors.

AnthemisRed & Blue VenturesDCM VenturesNew York Angels

Contact Us

If you’re a PayPerks for Direct Express® user, the best way to reach us is through our Help Center or by emailing help@payperks.com. You will get the fastest response to your questions this way.

Otherwise, please email us at the appropriate address:

If you want to send us mail, please use our corporate mailbox:

PayPerks, Inc.
9450 SW Gemini Dr #PMB 48851
Beaverton, OR 97008-7105

IMPORTANT NOTE: this is not our physical address, it is just our corporate mailbox so we do not recommend showing up here or sending personal items, perishable items, food, or other physical goods here. Contact us by email if you have any doubts.

A Note About the Sweepstakes

PayPerks sponsors various sweepstakes contests for our programs, and for all sweepstakes sponsored by PayPerks:

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For any sweepstakes operated by PayPerks, please see the specific Official Rules for a particular program. Find the Official Rules of PayPerks for Direct Express® here.