Welcome to PayPerks!

The award winning rewards program that lets you earn chances to win $$$ for learning and building good habits!

Our Team

PayPerks is located in the Flatiron neighborhood of New York City where our small team works passionately to make a positive impact in the lives of our users and on the products and services offered by our partners.

Co-founders Arlyn Davich and Jake Peters lead a team that works at the intersection of many skillsets: engineering, financial inclusion, program management, education, marketing, the psychology of behavior change, and more.

It’s hard work that we make fun. PayPerks is not your average work environment — we take our work seriously, but we laugh…a lot. Sometimes without smiling. (Try it! Laughing without smiling — it’s hard!)

We are always looking for stellar technologists to join our team and help us grow the platform, in addition to other roles from time to time. Check out our open roles here: http://jobs.payperks.com/.

Our company is supported not only by our partners, but by these investors and advisors: