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The award winning rewards program that lets you earn chances to win $$$ for learning and building good habits!

What We Do

  1. Perks for Learning

    PayPerks lets you earn points for learning about important topics such as personal finance, nutrition and more! Each point earned is a chance to win a cash prize in our free monthly sweepstakes!

  2. prizes each month

    Perks for Building Good Habits

    PayPerks rewards you for putting your learnings into practice. Have a prepaid card that offers PayPerks Usage Rewards? Earn points for things like making signature purchases at stores, signing up for text balance alerts, using your online or mobile account, setting up a savings account and more. Eligible for SNAP? Earn points for purchasing fruit and vegetables (fresh, frozen or canned) at qualifying stores!

  3. Prizes Each Month

    PayPerks has given away over $203,645 in prizes in our monthly sweepstakes and will continue to give away more! You could be our next winner!

  4. Your Security Comes First

    PayPerks uses top-level security standards and practices to make sure your data is safe with us. Joining a PayPerks program will not allow PayPerks to make any card transactions and is solely used for computing your PayPerks points rewards and sending your cash prizes. For applicable programs, when your card is linked, sensitive information isn’t accessible ‐‐ so your information stays safe! For more information on our security practices, click here.

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