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Meet Helen, PayPerks for Direct Express user, who shares what the card and our education has done for her

It's April again, which means another celebration of Financial Capability Month and everything that we do at PayPerks for our financial partners, including PayPerks for Direct Express.

After the success of our Ray and Dawn profile videos, our partners at Comerica & Mastercard engaged us to meet with and interview more Direct Express cardholders & PayPerks for Direct Express users. We found no shortage of individuals willing to share their amazing stories with us, and this month, we highlight Helen below and Don here.

Meet Helen who lives just east of Los Angeles, California. Helen suffered a tragic accident when she fell and injured her hands just months before graduating from cosmetology school. She had taken out student loans to embark on this education, which made her injury financially problematic.

Our team spent a half a day with Helen in her home in September 2019, and from this time we produced three clips to tell her story. Part 1 focuses on the impact of the Direct Express card itself, specifically the benefits of having direct deposit over receiving checks. Part 2 and 3 focus on PayPerks for Direct Express and the impact and considerations of our financial education. We'll see how Helen values the knowledge she learned from our solution and the impact it made on her life.

Part 1: Convenience, Safety, & Security with Direct Express

Part 2: Financial Capability with PayPerks

Part 3: Living with a Disability & Financial Education w/ PayPerks

All of our user impact videos are available on our Impact page.