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Paybefore and Bank Credit News highlight PayPerks’ successful launch with Direct Express

Many thanks to Andrew Gillen of MasterCard for touting some of our recent successes with PayPerks on the Direct Express card. Articles in Paybefore and Bank Credit News highlight PayPerks as an important tool for driving meaningful and beneficial changes in financial behavior.

The articles also cite some comments from our Facebook page which illustrate PayPerks' warm reception from Direct Express cardholders:

  • “I use PayPerks and it is a very good way to learn how to use your Direct Express card.”
  • “I really like the program! Thank you!”
  • “Great concept. I am having fun learning how to save!”
  • "What a great program. . . this would be a great thing for students who are in college and managing their own money for the first time!”
  • “Love this. Very Educational. Love the chance to win money.”
  • “This is ingenious! The earn-while-you-learn concept is awesome. Even an absolute newbie can learn how to make the most of their money with this setup.”

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