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PayPerks solutions create win-win(-win) outcomes. Since 2010, we have helped millions of consumers consume tens of millions of educational tutorials and given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in sweepstakes prizes.

Impact for our Partners

We help our partners win by driving improvement to operational metrics, revenue, and profit. We partner with entities of all types, from large enterprise & small business, to government entity & non-profit, to solutions reseller & SaaS vendor to deliver results.

Given our background in digital education, our partner discussions often start with a need to use our educational solutions to “check-the-box” for a project requirement, and then progress to something more comprehensive where we can deliver real positive value creation across multi-party enterprise value chains. Or sometimes we can leverage our platform to solve a quick need for a survey with an attached chance to win.

Read more about what we can do in Solutions. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs further with you and brainstorm how we can help or walk you through selected case studies with qualitative and quantitative datapoints to show that our solutions work. Email partners@payperks.com to start the discussion.

For the Users of our Solutions

The real motivation of our team lies here — the positive, life changing impact that a tiny bit of education can have on someone’s life.

Our education has helped users learn about things they did not previously know, enabling both small changes which compound over time or profound discoveries which can fundamentally change someone’s trajectory. We hear from our users that quizzes attached to our education show “that someone cares”. And sweepstakes-based rewards make the experience fun, which can brighten a rough day, or provide a little bit of excitement to a mundane but necessary lesson. Winning even a $1 prize can make someone feel great.

Don’t Take our Word for It

The best way to see our impact for yourself is to hear it from the users of our products directly.

We created the videos below for our partners, Comerica Bank and Mastercard, as a part of solution PayPerks for Direct Express®. While some of the video content here involves cardholders talking about the benefits of having their government benefits on the Direct Express® card, look specifically for the discussion about the impact of PayPerks for Direct Express® as a part of that program.

Meet Helen (Part 2) - Financial Capability with PayPerks

Meet Helen, a Direct Express cardholder and PayPerks user. We visited Helen in the September 2019 and in this video, which is the second video in a series with Helen, she talks about how PayPerks has helped to improve her financial capability, financial health and general well being.