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PayPerks solutions create win-win outcomes for our enterprise partners and their end-users, leveraging a combination of components of our flexible platform and optional services.

Our solutions can be deployed flexibly, either as stand-alone products or embedded white-label offerings into existing sites or apps.

Solutions That Create Value

Our platform and services can be deployed to address a diverse set of business needs, creating value by driving optimization and profitability. Our solutions can help with the following areas:

  • Awareness & Adoption
  • Education & Training
  • Engagement
  • Product Usage Optimization
  • Loyalty & Retention
  • Surveys & Insight
  • Customer Service & Feedback
  • Targeting, Analytics & Reporting

The PayPerks Platform

Our platform includes a flexible set of modules which can be combined into solutions built to fit the exact needs of our partners. At a high level, our platform includes the following key functional components:

  • Education & CMS — fully customized content management and delivery system that allows for the creation of individual tutorials which can be structured to form a complete curriculum, with detailed tracking, analytics, personalization, and other capabilities. Tutorials can contain a mix of images, text, and even video.
  • Gamification & Points — pair the education with quizzes to reinforce educational learning or deploy standalone quizzes. We can manage multiple points buckets, deploy badges, leaderboards, and other gamification strategies.
  • Surveys & Feedback — create meaningful two-way dialogues through multiple-question or single-question surveys, delivered as a part of larger solutions or one-off text messages. Surveys can be incentivized with points and sweepstakes rewards.
  • Usage Rewards — leverage real-world actions such as card usage, online behaviors, or any action which can be tracked to create incentivizing points & rewards structures to drive lasting behavior change.
  • Sweepstakes & Prizes — we provide fully managed & compliant sweepstakes functionality with monthly drawings & instant win games which can be layered to create all sorts of incentive structures, paired with flexible prize fulfillment options including cash, gift cards, or triggers to externally fulfill any type of physical good.
  • Communications & Alerts — we can send emails & texts with a track record for high deliverability and open rates or provide information to trigger communications and alerts through partner systems.
  • Flexible Integration Interfaces — we have a flexible architecture that allows us to integrate with literally any system, whether that is a partner’s backend infrastructure, a 3rd party service needed to augment capability, or an existing front-end site or app. We can consume existing API endpoints or quickly create our own APIs for consumption. We have secure batch file generation, ingestion, receiving, and transmission capabilities.
  • Reporting & Analytics — we can easily deploy our own custom reports or leverage our Looker infrastructure to provide complex and comprehensive dashboards. We can build data warehouses that combine data from multiple sources for easy aggregation, transformation, and analysis.

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Additional Advisory & Operational Services

While our platform offerings come fully managed, they are often one component of a larger project or initiative. We offer the following services to our partners to deliver value across these larger scopes, either as ongoing augmentation to a core team or on an ad-hoc basis:

  • Communications Strategy & Execution — we design multi-channel communications & engagement strategies that maximize impact and budget across physical and digital touchpoints, with integrated testing, feedback, and data analytics. We can execute these communication strategies leveraging our platform and communication vendors.
  • Educational Content Creation — our extended team of writers and illustrators creates custom educational tutorials in different styles. We can research ideas for new content or adapt existing content of all types into engaging digital formats.
  • Design & UX — we bring our user-centric empathetic, design approach beyond our own solution to help improve the design, user interfaces, and general experiences of our partners' apps, websites, and program-wide touchpoints to deliver better outcomes and KPIs.
  • Data Collection, Analysis & Insight — insight requires data, and we find our enterprise partners are not always collecting all the data needed to drive insight to power recommendations, personalization, and prediction. Paired with our data warehouse & APIs capabilities, we help clients gain the ability to see what's happening, determine what matters, and take action.
  • Test & Learn — we find this phrase thrown around a lot but often not really implemented. We can help improve digital engagement, messaging open & engagement rates, feature awareness and utilization, funnel KPIs, and more.
  • Technology Advisory — we leverage our team's hundreds of years technical expertise to assist clients as trusted advisors, merging agile start-up mindset with an understanding of enterprise realities. We help answer "what's possible here?", "does this seem accurate?", "why is this important?", and "what would you do here?" across a wide range of areas including UX, app development, security, cloud computing, scalability, integrations, and data.
  • Accessibility Advisory — making technology and interfaces work well for ALL requires not only technical knowledge but also an understanding of the different ways accessibility needs to be considered across the spectrum of physical and mental disabilities.
  • Sweepstakes Management — we create, operate, and manage compliant sweepstakes, taking care of legal reviews, official rules, operations, and fulfillment.

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