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PayPerks Programs

PayPerks operates engaging educational and rewards solutions in conjunction with our partners to improve the financial capability, financial health, and overall lives of millions of Americans. Our solutions are deployed as stand-alone or embedded offerings — learn more about what we do and offer.

Our current solutions include:

PayPerks for Direct Express®

Direct Express® is a prepaid card offered to millions of Americans who receive payments from many federal government agencies, including Social Security retirement, Supplemental Security Income, various veterans payments, and more.

PayPerks for Direct Express® is the official financial health partner of the card program, offering education and sweepstakes-based rewards to millions of government benefit recipients who can learn about improving their usage of the card, building financial capabilities, and other practical tips through over 150 education tutorials.

Learn more about the Direct Express program: https://directexpress.info/.

Cardholders looking to access their accounts should go to: https://www.usdirectexpress.com/.

New Jersey MoneySkills

NJ Money Skills teaches youth ages 14-21 about managing finances through illustrated tutorials covering a wealth of topics that are important like budgeting, savings, managing account privacy and security, opening and using bank accounts and understanding leases and utilities. Launched in partnership with The New Jersey Department of Children and Families and PayPerks.

Virginia FoodSmarts

PayPerks for Virginia EBT cards has ended after a successful pilot program. We’re working with our partners (Share Our Strength) on creating a way to deploy our FoodSmarts curriculum which is based of the Cooking Matters course to more people in Virginia and across the US who would benefit from this useful information.